Frequently Asked Questions

General Program FAQ’s – Crown Card Rewards

I. Crown Card Program Intro:

A. Q: What is the Crown Card?
1. A: The Crown Card is a non-payment card based rewards program offering points for qualifying
purchases on fuel and in-store items. Points can be redeemed for a variety of in-store items or fuel
discounts at the pump. Redemption items and discounts will vary by promotion period. For the
latest list of redemption items, please visit the promotions page on the Duchess website.

B. Q: How do I get a Crown Card?
1. A: Visit any participating Duchess to get your card and start saving instantly! Register your card for
added benefits! If you don’t want a physical card, visit our website and register for an account to
get a “virtual card number” or use your phone number as your loyalty ID. This can be done from
the My Duchess mobile app as well.

C. Q: How do I earn Points?
1. A: Simply swipe your Crown Card or enter your loyalty ID (virtual card number or 1 + phone
number) at any participating Duchess for your purchases. You will earn points based on your
qualifying purchases inside or at the pump for instant savings. Earn 20 points for every $1 spent
inside any Duchess on qualifying items and earn 20 points for every gallon pumped at any Duchess.
There will also be specially marked bonus items in-store that will help you earn even more points.
You will earn points as long as your account is in good standing e.g.: not suspended or otherwise
inactive and not available for use.

D. Q: What in-store items DO NOT qualify for earning points?
1. A: Excluded items include, but are not limited to tobacco, alcohol, lottery, money orders, prepaid
phone cards and/or gift cards. All other in-store items qualify toward earning points.

E. Q: How do I know how many points I have?
1. A: Point balances are always available on your purchase receipts, the consumer website,, the My Duchess mobile app and/or you may ask any Duchess sales associate to
check your balance for you.

F. What if I forgot my Password or Username?
1. If you have forgotten your password or username, you may retrieve your username and reset your
password by selecting the link underneath the Login box that reads, “Click Here to get your
username and to change your password.” Once you select this option, you must type in either your
username, your email address that is linked to your account, or your card number. After this has
been completed, an email with login information will be sent to the email listed on your account.

G. How can I change my account information?
1. To change any information on your account, log into your account and find the “Edit Account” tab
at the top of the page. Once all changes are complete, select “Submit” at the very bottom of the
page to save all changes.
a) Please note: if you are trying to change your username or password they are located
towards the bottom of the “Edit Account” page.

II. Membership Levels and Registration

A. Q: How do I log in to the Duchess website and register my card?
1. A: Follow the prompts on to reach the Crown Card consumer site. Once there,
you’ll need to set up your participant profile with a username and password. You will also be asked
to set up security question(s) and answer(s) for password retrieval. Once you create your profile you
will log in with your username and password, which will enable you to view your current point
balance, earnings history and demographic information provided at the time of registration. Online
redemption capabilities are not an available feature of the consumer website; you must be present at
the participating Duchess location to redeem points.

2. Customers can also register their Crown Card in any Duchess location by filling out the registration
form at any participating site. Once the form is completed, the customer can give the form to any
Duchess representative and it will be sent to corporate to be entered into the system. Please note,
this process may take up to 7-10 business days to complete. Please note, you must fill out the
registration form completely including email address and phone number for this registration option.
We encourage customers to register online or via mobile app.

B. Q: What are the benefits of registering my card?
1. A: Customers who register their card are able to track their purchases and point balances via the
Duchess website and/or mobile app. Customers also receive 1,500 bonus points when they register.
Registered customers also have perks of being entered into the Royal Sweepstakes, receive instant
rewards, gold member perks and point retrieval if the physical card is ever lost or stolen.

C. Q: How do I know what membership level I am?
1. A: You are a Bronze member the moment you have a Crown Card. Bronze members enjoy instant
savings and Crown Club member perks. If you register your Crown Card you move to the Silver
Member level, where you earn 1,500 bonus points and are eligible for Duchess monthly
sweepstakes. If you spend $50 or more inside any Duchess during the month, you’ve automatically
reached our highest level of membership, Gold, where you will earn double base points for all
purchases the following month, as well as other perks. As a registered customer, you will receive an
email alert when you’ve reached a different tier!

2. $50 spend is limited to inside purchases only, excluding the following items: tobacco, alcohol,
lottery, money orders, gift cards, prepaid cards and fuel.

D. Q: What constitutes as a month for double rewards as a gold member?
1. A: When a customer spends $50 or more inside any Duchess throughout a given month, they will
receive Gold Member’s perks the following month. The eligible timeframe for the accrual of $50
will begin on the first of day of the month and end on the last day of the month.

E. Q: What products will I receive double points on as a gold member?
1. A: Gold members will receive double points on all qualifying base purchase items, but they will not
receive double points on bonus items.

III. Redemption

A. Q: How do I redeem points?
1. A: At the pump, if your point balance is greater than 1,500 points, you will be asked if you would
like to use the maximum discount per gallon that your point balance will allow. If you use this
discount, points will be deducted from your account, and your new balance will appear on your
receipt. Each 10 cent / gallon discount uses 1,500 points. Price will not be discounted lower than 10
cents per gallon.

2. To redeem points for “Free In-Store Product,” a customer must visit, log into
their account, and select “Reward Yourself” at the top of the page. A customer may then add any
redeemable items to their virtual cart. When the customer is done shopping they must select,
“Checkout” and the chosen items will automatically be loaded onto their account and ready to
redeem in-store. The customer will also receive a confirmation email when their chosen items have
successfully loaded onto their account.

B. Q: What if I don’t have enough Points for the redemption?
1. A: Your rewards account must have the sufficient number of points available to be prompted to
redeem or you will not be offered redemption(s).

B. Q: Do my points expire?
1. A: Points do not expire.

C. Q: Is there a limit to how many points I can redeem in a single purchase?
1. A: If you are redeeming your points for an in-store product, you will use the amount of points that
are needed for that redemption item. For example, if you have 1,000 points and want to redeem a
free medium coffee. In this case, you will use 950 points for the coffee and 50 points will remain on
your account.

2. The same goes for redeeming discounts on a fuel purchase. For example, you have 2,000 points and
want to redeem 10 cents off per gallon. In this case, you will use 1,500 points for the fuel discount
and the 500 points will remain on your Crown Card.

D. Q: Is there a limit to how many items I can redeem at a time?
1. A: The only limit to the number of items you can trade points for through the web site or app
reward is your number of points. Once rewards are loaded on your account, there is no limit to how
many you redeem.

E. Q: Is there a limit to how many gallons I can get when redeeming fuel discounts?
1. A: Yes. Fuel discounts are good for up to 25 gallons in a single transaction. In the event that you
have accumulated enough points to exceed the retail price of fuel, the pump will not roll back to
zero. If you’re eligible for a full tank of fuel, the pump will roll back to 10 cents per gallon and you
will be responsible for the amount.

F. Q: How do I use my Crown Card at the pump?
1. A: Simply insert your Crown Card before your method of payment and follow the prompts. If you
have registered card, you can use your loyalty ID (virtual card number or 1+ phone number).

G. Q: How do I use my Crown Card inside Duchess?
1. A: Simply Enter your loyalty ID (virtual card number or 1+ phone number), scan your virtual card,
or slide your physical card before completing your purchase. The key tag card can also be scanned
for use inside.

H. Q: How does the Royal Sweepstakes work?
1. A: Every time a registered customer’s Crown Card is swiped they are entered into our monthly
Royal Sweepstakes drawing. Duchess will give away multiple prizes each month to randomly
selected winners. More information can be found through the link at the bottom of the page or on, including a list of prizes and terms and conditions of the program. Gold Members
receive extra entries into the Royal Sweepstakes!

I. Q: What if I forget my Crown Card; can I still earn and redeem points?
1. A: If you have registered your Crown Card, you may use your loyalty ID (type 1+ phone number).
You may also down load the My Duchess App, log in, and scan your virtual card. If you have your
key tag card, you may also earn and redeem points inside the store when the cashier scans your key
tag card.

IV. About My Duchess Crown Card

A. Q: Can I link two cards together?
1. A: Yes, you may do so by visiting or the My Duchess mobile app. When logged
in online, go to “Summary of Account” and select the yellow plus (+) sign to add a new card. Next,
type in your new card’s 18 digit number and select “Submit.”

B. Q: What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
1. A: If your Crown Card is registered, visit any Duchess store and pick up a new card. Once you have
a new card, log into your existing account and locate the box that reads “Summary of Account.”
Next, find the yellow plus (+) sign at the top left-hand side of the page next to your original Crown
Card number. Select the yellow plus (+) sign and type in your new card number. Double check that
you have typed in the correct card number and select, “Submit.”

2. Unfortunately, if your card was not registered and you do not know the old number, we are unable
to transfer any points.

C. How do I disable my old card if it was lost or stolen?
1. A: Locate the box on the right-hand side of the page that reads “Manage Card.” Select the yellow
button that reads, “Change Status.” Next, locate the card number that is no longer in use and change
the dropdown to “Disable.” Double check that the correct card number was changed to disabled and
select, “Submit.”

B. Q: What if I have an issue with my Crown Card?
1. A: If you have trouble with a point issuance or redemption, please consult with a Duchess sales
associate or Duchess management in store. If you need further assistance, email us at or call 1- 844-79-CROWN and we will be more than happy to
help. Please note, you must have proof of receipt if your card requires a manual adjustment.